Scheduling multi skilled agents in WFM

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May 10th, 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out what is the best way to schedule multi skilled agents in WFM based on the scenario below.

1.       There are 3 CSQs (Eng, Man, Jpn)

2.       There are groups of agents who (skill based routing)

a.       Can only handle a single CSQ

b.       Can handle 2 CSQs. For example, Priority 1 for Eng, P2 for Man OR P1 Man, P2 Eng OR P1 Eng P2 Jpn OR P1 Jpn P2 Eng

c.       Can handle all 3 CSQs where the priority could vary. For example, P1 Eng P2 Man P3 Jpn OR P1 Man P2 Jpn P3 Eng & so on.

3.       The multi skilled example shown in admin guide only shows the multi skill agents as having equal priority for each of their skills. In the scenario above, agents with multiple skills are having different priority for each skill.

Is this achievable by the items below or there's other way to do so

1.       Having 3 CSQs in WFM

2.       Having 1 skill group mapping for each combination of skill(s). For example 1 each for Eng, Man & Jpn; 1 each for P1 Eng P2 Man, P1 Man P2 Eng and so on.

3.       Higher priority given to skill group mapping with the least skill. For example, higher priority for Eng only, Man only and Jpn only skill group



I have this problem too.
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