time-outs when connecting to servers on vlan1

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May 10th, 2010
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Hi all,

In my office i have started creating vlans using cisco catalyst 4948 switch.Each floor is divided into vlans. On cisco catalyst 4948 i have created trunk ports which connects to other switches on each floor.

vlan1 ---> 1st floor

vlan2 ---> 2nd floor

vlan3 ---> 3rd floor

and so on, we also have branch office loacted at islands which are on vlans too. Branch offices are connected to headoffice using a 2MB lease line.

vlan4 --> branch office1

vlan5 --> branch office 2

To route these vlans, i used router on a stick method. In which we have to create sub interface for each vlan and use those interfaces as there respective gateway address.I used router(Cisco 3800 series) second interface to create these sub interfaces. This interface gig0/1 is connected to a trunk port on cisco catalyst switch(mentioned above). And there is no physical ip address on that interface.Just created sub interfaces below it.

Servers are placed on default vlan1, and there gateway address is on router(cisco 3800 mention above) interface gig0/0 and connected to a trunk port on cisco catalyst 4948 switch.

Everything was working fine at the start, but now after i added new vlans i have notice that we having some time-outs when connecting to some servers on vlan1.

Does anyone know whats causing this problem.

I havent created any vlan access rules or define any native vlan on trunk ports. just created those vlans mention above.

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cisco.bml Mon, 05/10/2010 - 05:00
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howto identify native vlan and what should be the native vlan, also how can i tell layer 3 interface which interface should not send dot1q tag?


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