spremkumar Mon, 05/10/2010 - 08:56
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Hi Deepak

There are few things which needs to be clarified.

what is the ip address being used in your pc and your local client?

which device is used as your local client ?

what is the reason to have 2 sets of ip address blocks under your fastethernet0/1?

Is the isp specific about using 117.240.x.x subnets for your local lan? in that case you can simply assign the next usable ips to both your pc and the local client (subjected that you dont have any other clients out there)

In the second half of the config which you have attached in your post doesnt have any reference to under the fastethernet interface.

Also can you use the first config itself and make sure that you have alone to start with and also tweak the acls to have only #

access-list 1 permit



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