How can you tell this interface is a static MAC address?

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May 10th, 2010
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Switch1#show mac-address-table

Dynamic Address Count:                 19
Secure Address Count:                  0
Static Address (User-defined) Count:   0
System Self Address Count:             41
Total MAC addresses:                   50
Non-static Address Table:
Destination Address  Address Type  VLAN  Destination Port
-------------------  ------------  ----  --------------------

0010.0de0.e289               Dynamic              1          FastEthernet0/1

0010.7b00.1540              Dynamic              2          FastEthernet0/5

0010.7b00.1545              Dynamic              2          FastEthernet0/5

0060.5cf4.0076               Dynamic              1          FastEthernet0/1

0060.5cf4.0077               Dynamic              3          FastEthernet0/1

Switch1#show cdp neighbors

Capability Codes:

R - Router, T - Trans Bridge, B - Source Route Bridge 
            S - Switch, H - Host, I - IGMP, r - Repeater 
Device ID Local Intrfce Holdtme Capability Platform Port ID 
Switch2          Fas 0/1     157             s              2950-12  Fas 0/1 
Switch3          Fas 0/2     143             s              2950-12  Fas 0/5 

As you can see above, how do we know Fastethernet 0/5 has statically assigned MAC address?

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Ko Is Mon, 05/10/2010 - 05:28
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It seems that there is no address static from the command of "show mac-address-table".
If it is original, "Static Address (User-defined) Count:" will increase.

macky1313 Mon, 05/10/2010 - 06:57
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Thanks for the reply.

According to this question:

A. A hub is connected directly to FastEthernet 0/5

B. FastEthernet0/1 is connected to a host with multiple network interface cards.

C. Interface FastEthernet 0/2 has been disabled.

D. Multiple devices are connected directly to FastEthernet0/1.

E. FastEthernet0/1 is configured as a trunk link.

F: Fast Ethernet0/5 has statically assigned MAC addresses.

My answer: A E.

Correct answer is E F

Do you think the answer suggested is wrong?

Ko Is Fri, 05/14/2010 - 06:16
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"0010.7b00" -- since this is the MAC Address of Cisco, it is considered to be also Static.
Therefore, aren't E and F considered, either?

macky1313 Sun, 05/23/2010 - 20:12
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Is this a fact that ""0010.7b00" is a static MAC address of Cisco?

Are there are any other static MAC address for Cisco routers or switch?


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