UC500 crash after connecting wireless phone

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May 12th, 2010
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Hi community

I'm a little bit confused why UC500 crash when a wireless phone connecting.

I tried it with a 7921 and a 7925 Phone, both crash the system.

Data wireless-connection works fine

UC520 SR 8.0.2 with integrated wireless access point UC520W

03:17:15 CET Sun Jan 7 2001: Unexpected exception to CPU: vector 700, PC = 0x802BC140, LR = 0x802BC140 -Traceback= 0x802BC140z 0x802BC140z 0x802C9EF0z 0x802BF1ECz 0x81333F7Cz 0x812FAE24z 0x80CA89E0z 0x80CA6D74z 0x80C38D90z 0x80C3A830z 0x80C3A32Cz 0x80C34E08z 0x80CA6644z 0x80CABF6Cz 0x80CAAE9Cz 0x80CA9290zCPU Register Context:MSR = 0x00029032  CR  = 0x48048084  CTR = 0x82A9AE50  XER   = 0x20000000R0  = 0x802BC140  R1  = 0x866C3584  R2  = 0xFFF5FFF5  R3    = 0x00000000R4  = 0x82A9EFC4  R5  = 0x00009032  R6  = 0x85630000  R7    = 0x85640000R8  = 0x85A39EA8  R9  = 0x000000BC  R10 = 0x8569A088  R11   = 0x00000060R12 = 0x000B0164  R13 = 0xFFF569B0  R14 = 0x80CE3BB4  R15   = 0x00000000R16 = 0x00000000  R17 = 0x00000000  R18 = 0x00000000  R19   = 0x00000000R20 = 0x00000000  R21 = 0x00000000  R22 = 0x00000000  R23   = 0x00000000R24 = 0x00000000  R25 = 0x83EA8E04  R26 = 0x00000002  R27   = 0x0000000BR28 = 0x85630000  R29 = 0x00000000  R30 = 0x85010000  R31   = 0x00000003 Writing crashinfo to flash:crashinfo_20010107-031715-CETm

Crashdump is attached

dot11 ssid airwalker
vlan 100
authentication open eap auth_method_radius_local
authentication network-eap auth_method_radius_local
accounting acct_method_radius_local
dot11 ssid airwave
vlan 1
authentication open
authentication key-management wpa
wpa-psk ascii 7 0468222A200C1D1E59013D

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David Harper Thu, 05/13/2010 - 01:38
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  • Cisco Employee,

Can I suggest that you need to log a case for this problem.  I had a look at the crashinfo, and this looks suspiciously like a software defect CSCtb44167.  The problem is, if I am reading the defect details properly, then the fix for this problem is already supposed to be in the image you are running. :(

So there are a couple of alternatives here:

1. I've misread the defect details and the fix is not in the release you are running

2. I've read them correctly and there is a problem with the fix

3. I've picked the wrong defect

To a certain extent though, it doesn't matter, as the tech support guys are the ones who can address this problem regardless of which alternative is in play here.  Unfortunately, if it is CSCtb44167, then there is no real workaround other than removing radius accounting from the configuration.  Is that an option for you?



timon.huber Thu, 05/20/2010 - 14:50
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Thank you Dave

It looks really like problems with radius. I will check that on an other system. I've got my workaround with an external radius server and it works well.


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