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May 12th, 2010

I have two extensions that use the same partition and css.One is ext: 8330 and the other is 8326. These people would like the phone to ring to the other extension if they are not at their desk or on the phone and then go to  their voice mail. If you direct each phone to each other you get a continous loop.

Is there a way of creating a second line appearance so they do not keep going back and forth between phones?

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William Bell Wed, 05/12/2010 - 15:28


My typical approach to this type of request is (hopefully) better explained via example.

Partition:  Phone-1_PT  (primary phones partition)

Partition: Phone-2_PT  (secondary phone DN partition)

CSS: Phone-2_CSS (rollover CSS for Phone-2_PT) (only contains partition: Phone-2_PT)

Phone1 (primary extension 8330)

Button1: 8330/Phone-1_PT  (CFNA to 8330 using Phone-2_CSS)

Button2: 8326/Phone-2_PT  (cfna to VM)

Phone2 (primary extension 8326)

Button1: 8326/Phone-1_PT (CFNA to 8326 using Phone-2_CSS)

Button2: 8330/Phone-2_PT (cfna to VM)

So, caller calls 8326. It rings on Phone2, Button1.  After CFNA/CFB/etc. it rolls over to ring on Phone1, Button2.  After cfna/cfb/etc. it can forward again to another extension or voicemail.



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