No ringback for Dialer calls, ringback for inbound calls?

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May 13th, 2010

Hi guys,

typical ICM 7.2(7) with Outbound Option. The company uses predictive and progressive dialling, and asked us to disable the ringback tone (so their customer, when called, doesn't hear a ringback tone). What we did was according to this document:

And also, there's a "Disabling Ringback During Transfer to Agent" section in the Outbound Option user guide ( ")

The problem is, the same ICM routes inbound calls too. The customers cannot hear ringback tone while waiting for the agents. (Imagine, the customer is waiting in the queue, listening to music, then ICM transfers the call to the agent: the customer only hears silence until the agent picks up the phone, sometimes it may take up to 5-6 seconds. So in this case, ringback should be really handy.

Any ideas, how to enable "selective" ringback tone?


I have this problem too.
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Abu Hadee Sat, 05/15/2010 - 02:43


For disable ringback for outbound call, it depends on what protocol you are using from CUCM to PSTN.

As per the outbound dialer document, that will work only for h323. And for SIP if you have MTP checked.

But for MGCP, you may try the follwing this on the CUCM service parameter

"Optimize MediaConnection Time on Outbound Redirected Calls=false"

For the inbound call, configuration depends on call flow and protocol used.

Send detailed call flow and protocol used for inbound, should be able to help


- abu

Gergely Szabo Mon, 05/17/2010 - 01:17

Actually, CUCM talks to the VGW's using H.323

By the way, are you sure the service parameter you mentioned is available in CCM 4.1.3? I can't see it anywhere.

Abu Hadee Wed, 05/19/2010 - 04:46


That particular service parameter is not available on ccm4.x

What is the call flow for inbound call?

You can try using MRGL to limit the use of ANN. So when dialer dials Outbound call, the outbound Trunk do not have access to ANN. But inbound call would have it. I haven't tried this. Let me know if you need any help configuring it.

Also, if you send me details of the inbound call flow, I'll try to think if there is any other way.


- abu

Gergely Szabo Thu, 05/20/2010 - 03:56


well, actually, playing around with MRGL's is not a bad idea. Thanks. I will try it.

The inbound call flow is nothing fancy, call comes in from PSTN, goes to VGW, VGW signals CM, CM sends route request to ICM, ICM will probably send the call to IVR, call is connected to IVR, when ICM sees available agent, call is transferred to agent. Cannot be simpler I guess

I will probably go ahead and open a TAC for this, will let them think...



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