Public IP Routing - WRVS4400N?

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May 14th, 2010
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I need a little help since I am new with this piece of equipment and have also n

ever had to pull off a setup like the one I am trying to do. First off, let me explain my situation

. I am currently running a database server, Active Directory server, and a few others including a phone system. My current setup is as follows. I have one WAN static ip coming from a cable modem which is behind my WRVS4400N. My WRVS uses DHCP to get the Static WAN for internet access. My LAN serves private ips to everything else on the LAN with the ip set at and so on. So, from the router it goes to the 48 port switch using DHCP. As you can see I have to use port forward for now in order to get outside access to our servers. So I purchased a block of static ips from our ISP. Now I face a certain problem...... I have to somehow have to have public statics mixed with private ips. So my ISP told me to use the following setup...... Setup a router behind the modem to use all static thru DHCP from my purchased block and use the first 3 ports for our servers. then on the 4th port plug in another router to use for the private ip addresses on the lan.... then plug the 48 port switch too that.

If somebody could explain to me how to do this on this particular router that would be awesome! I have tried but I must not be doing something right. thanks for the help!

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