Looking for how to configure a spa502g to work with broadvioce

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The story is long and I will not trouble you with the details.  I am new to IP phone stuff but have been around computers a while.  When the office phone broke I thought lets try an IP phone.  So I did the research and settled on the SPA502G.  Finding a Provider was a chore, it seems every one wants to sell the equipment with the service.  I found that Broadvioce would let you BYOD which sounded promising.  However the the spa502g was not listed as one they had a configuration for.  I asked for the settings that I would need to connect to the service which they provided however the terms that they are using do not match the configuration field names that the phone has.  This is simple I am sure but could somebody translate the setting Broadvoice provided into the fields that I find on the phone configuration?

proxy_port: 5060
registrar_port: 5060
ntp_ip: ntp.broadvoice.com 
DTMF: rfc2833 if available, fail over to InBand if rfc2833 not supported

If I missed a document that lays this out just point me there.  I attached the advanced.html document from the phone.  Thanks


I have this problem too.
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