Nexus 5020 Global statistics disabled

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May 15th, 2010

Does anyone know if stats can be enabled either global or per interface?

We are doing qos tagging and queueing and we cannot see any stats for policy-maps or for ACLs, so there is definitely no (easy) way to confirm that the qos actually works.

NX-OS version is 4.1(3)N1(1)


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Marko Pribanic Thu, 07/14/2011 - 08:39


Has anybody solved this issue.

I have the same problem, I cannot see the policy-map statistics on Nexus 5548 with 5.0(3)N2(1).

I have enabled it globally, but it looks like they are still disabled per interface:

nexus1# show policy-map int eth1/16

Global statistics status :   enabled   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<


Service-policy (qos) input:   policy_input

   policy statistics status:   disabled   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   Class-map (qos):   class_business (match-all)

     Match: cos 1

     set qos-group 2

   Class-map (qos):   class_video (match-all)

     Match: cos 2

     set qos-group 3

   Class-map (qos):   class_voice (match-all)

     Match: cos 5

     set qos-group 4

   Class-map (qos):   class-default (match-any)

     Match: any

     set qos-group 0

Service-policy (queuing) input:   default-in-policy

   policy statistics status:   disabled

   Class-map (queuing):   class-default (match-any)

     Match: qos-group 0

     bandwidth percent 100

Service-policy (queuing) output:   policy_output

policy statistics status:   disabled

   Class-map (queuing):   class-fcoe (match-any)

     Match: qos-group 1

     bandwidth percent 5

   Class-map (queuing):   class_voice (match-any)

     Match: qos-group 4


     bandwidth percent 10

   Class-map (queuing):   class_business (match-any)

     Match: qos-group 2

     bandwidth percent 20

   Class-map (queuing):   class_video (match-any)

     Match: qos-group 3

     bandwidth percent 10

   Class-map (queuing):   class-default (match-any)

     Match: qos-group 0

     bandwidth percent 55


Marko Pribanic Wed, 09/28/2011 - 03:51

Hi all,

Joust to share with you that I have got conformation from Cisco that this is indeed the bug in NX-OS and that the QOS global statistics area currently not supported

mshavrov Mon, 10/22/2012 - 09:25

I have two N5K, from the same batch, configured exactly the same way (compared config line-by-line) - one has "global statistics" enabled, another is disabled. And it does not work in neither. However it works in N7K.


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