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May 16th, 2010

Attached is a rough sketch for my question. Site A is connected to SiteB & C over leased line link.
question is pertaining to site B & Site C segments.
Site B uses ip segment /24. So in this case assume coreswitch 1 site B to be having on one of its vlans .
Site C is an extension of site B and the connection between site B and site C is a fiber link and not
any wan connectivity.Site C is connected to Site B over fiber link on a hub vlan with ip segment /28.
Site C uses 192.168.300.0 /24 as its main segment however it has a server vlan 212 which is using /24 as its ip ( for some unknown reasons as its quite legacy ).

Query is:
If i try to trace a server(from Site A) stationed at Site C on its Vlan 212 bearing ip,
output doesnt complete after which is the hub interface ip for site c linking to site B.
however a ping from same source completes successfully & connectivity to servers are also fine.
It is only the trace that baffles me.Shouldn't the trace be completing till Vlan 212 or to actual server on site C.
Site C has only a default route throwing all traffic to Site B core switch. Site B has static routes recognising this different subnet 172 from Site C.
Is this normal ? Please help me to understand this behaviour.

Thanks in advance!

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Jennifer Halim Sun, 05/16/2010 - 16:54

Is there any firewall and/or ACL that might be blocking the traceroute?

If you try to trace the other way round, what is the result?


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