cisco A5400 and welltech interoperability

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i need some help guys. Anyone who can answer me please.

I have a welltech softswitch which consists of a Proxy server (handling registrations) and a billing system.

I have a cisco A5400 that is currently giving clients E1 facilities for a network that i am running. A voip network.

Now the problem is. the client gets an e1 connection from me via fibre to me and it connects to his pabx. I currently have two e1s running on the cisco.

I find alot of cross billing issues i.e.

Client As account is billed by Client Bs account and so on and so forth. I tend to think that this is an authentication issue.

Any ideas on this??

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paolo bevilacqua Mon, 05/17/2010 - 06:54
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More likely is a problem with your billing application.

What i really wonna do is have cisco know that AAA is being done by another server and every time a call comes in from the e1 to the billing server it recognises the right caller id and it doesnt cross bill. any ideas on that..................

Let me give call scenario.

Client A has DID 674500 and client B has 567800

currently when call comes from E1 client A it is billed by Client B and not vice versa as should be.

I need a way to tell cisco that any call that comes from Client A's E1 should go out to the proxy then the billing server as Client A and not B. Right now its doing client B. the bill shows as below

Client A -                                        Caller ID: 674500  Charge Account: 567800

(in the case of direct inward dialing)   Caller ID:674590  Charge Account: 567800

What it should show is

Client A-                                          Caller ID: 674500  Charge Account: 674500

(in the case of direct inward dialing)    Caller ID: 674590  Charge account: 674500

paolo bevilacqua Tue, 05/18/2010 - 07:43
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The AS does not discriminate call records based on numbers.

It sends all and every accounting record to the same server or set of servers, then is up to them to dermine what is what and who to bill.


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