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May 17th, 2010
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I have set up barge for a small call centre environment and it works well.  However, we would like to set it up so that when a supervisor barges an agent's call the agent does not hear a barge tone, or see a message on their phone screen telling them they have been barged.  Therefore, 2 questions:

1  Can I disable the barge tone, and if so how?

2  Can I disable the message on the agent's phone, and if so how?


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Rob Huffman Mon, 05/17/2010 - 05:35
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Hi Phil,

Not completely, but you can minimise the Barge notification;

From TAC

In Cisco Communications Manager, the barge beep can be turned off with the Party Entrance Tone service parameter by going to Cisco CallManager administration > Service  > Service Parameter Menu.

This parameter determines whether a tone is be played when a party joins or exits a call with more than two parties. These features play a tone based on this parameter:

    * Barge
    * cBarge
    * Conference
    * Join
    * Meet-Me conference

This tone-playing capability is also limited to the controlling device capability. Only those device types that have a built-in bridge (such as Cisco IP phone models 7940, 7960 and newer) can play a tone to all parties.

When the controlling device is no longer present in the call or lacks the capability, the tone is played to all parties, even if this parameter is True. Valid values are True (play tone) or False (do not play tone). This is a required field. The default value is True.

Barge Using Built-In Conference-Barge Softkey

You can use the Barge softkey only in the remote-in-use call state. A built-in conference bridge proves advantageous because neither a media interruption nor display changes to the original call occur when the barge is being set up. A spinning circle displays at the right side of the prompt status message window at the target device.



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David Hailey Mon, 05/17/2010 - 07:21
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Good resources there, Rob (+5 to you as well).  Just to add to this thread.  Rob's link is perfect for turning off the tone

you hear when you Barge.  However, you cannot change the Calling Display that user's see on the phone - it's part of the feature.  So when you Barge, you'll see the multiple party call windows.  When you cBarge, you see the "Conference" display since you are actually setting up a conference like any other (but specialized for Barge).


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Jonathan Schulenberg Mon, 05/17/2010 - 08:56
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At least in CCX, the supervisor also has a Monitor button/feature in CSD that would allow them to listen to the call without the agent being aware. Barge should only be used when the supervisor wants to actively join the call and talk.

Phil Butterworth Wed, 05/19/2010 - 01:35
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Thanks for the responses - so to sum up:

1  Yes - you can disable the barge tone via Service Parameter Party Entrance Tone.

2  No - cannot disable barge message - however, can silent monitor with CUCCX.

Thanks again


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