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May 17th, 2010


The setup is 1xSPA400, 1xSPA9000 and couple of 962, 942 and WIP300.

On an inbound call all phones ring simultaneously (using a hunt group) and if no one picks up the phone for about 14 seconds, then the auto attendant picks up. AA is "thanks for calling xyz, to reach A, please dial 100, to reach B, please dial 101".

I have setup call forward on 962 (ext 100) to cell-phone (CFWD All Number) and have added the access code prior to the cellphone, i.e. 94031111111

Essentially, when external callers try to reach extension 100, the user want to to setup call fwd to cellphone instead of reaching to local voicemail.

This setup is not working, and calls dont get forwarded to cellphone. Any suggestions?

I have this problem too.
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CTRLITINC Mon, 05/17/2010 - 12:56

Can you clarify what you mean by not working? Does the caller get a busy, does the call to to VM when forwarding is enabled?

Are they setting forwarding on the phone interface? When you hit the forward button you are asked to enter a phone number (just like you would manually dial the phone number.)

You might want to include you Call Routing Rule and Hunt Groups.

Steve Wofford

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kelkar.nilesh Wed, 05/19/2010 - 10:17

Apparently, I was given information that was a bit different.

What they really want is to "forward" all incoming POTS lines to a cellphone (not the extensions/phones).

After digging in depth, here is the version of "call forwarding" for this customer.

Customer has 4 POTS lines going into SPA400. When there is potentially a storm/weather situation, they want to forward the 4 POTS lines to a cell-phone. Not just the individual extensions (mix of 962 and 942), since the caller has to go through the AA, Hunt Group, etc.


1. Can this even be done using any one of the phones to trigger "company wide" call forwarding

2. If not via phone, can this be done through the web interface - for a non technical user (end user)

3. Can this be done remotely at all? Since we dont want the user to drive down to the office during a weather situation. Any approach?

They want to have this feature - not a show stopper, but high on the nice to have


CTRLITINC Wed, 05/19/2010 - 16:29

I would think you would have two primary options here and is up to you with your may have to balance ease of change vs. technical.

Both will require you to set either remotely either using the Phone's Web Admin or the SPA9000 Web Admin.

OPTION 1: Simply set CFWD on all the phones either on the phone or remotely via the Web Admin.

OPTION 2: Use the Dial Plan and/or AA Scripts

Create two AA Dial Plans.

1: For normal operating

2: For closed office which is manually set for using the web admin. You can preset each ext to forward to that persons mobile number or all ext to one mobile number ("company wide").

To make this change you will have to remotely use the SPA9000 Web Admin and change the AA script field from to

It will be up to you to actually do some homework and see what works best, but this will allow you to meet your requirements. This is going to be hard to detail in full and what will be best for your enviornment. I recommend you read about AA Scripts and Dial Plans in the Admin Guide:

OPTION 3: Depending on your Telco some provide call management features that can be set via a web portal. I know our ITSP ( has a Disaster Recover feature that you can enable to do the same thing.

Steve Wofford

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kelkar.nilesh Wed, 05/19/2010 - 16:38

Thank you Steve.

Option 3 is what the customer is pursuing (or investigating). They can remotely setup call fwd on their traditional PSTN POTS lines - the Telco has to provide instructions.

He asked me to investigate if it was possible with SPA, but Option 3 is what I have recommended - most easy option for the non technical user.

For some odd reason, the previous service provider (with whom the customer was not happy) had "somehow" set up call forwarding company wide (for the POTS lines) from one particular extension. Not sure how it was done (or was it done properly), and the customer does not know either. The system has been erased since then so no way for us to know the details. Anyway, I will keep looking and will post information if we succeed.


CTRLITINC Wed, 05/19/2010 - 16:46

This can be used using a softkey on the SPA and a combination of phone number and digits that the service provider recieves and triggers something on thier system to enable the feature which in this case is the forwarding.

Steve Wofford

Call Ctrl Call Manager for

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