How RME detect invetory change without any job in RME

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May 17th, 2010

we have LMS3.2 RME4.3.1 on Solaris system...

we replaced route 2611 with route 2811 on RQ70260 and RME- ICServer detected the change on sysobjecdID in the same time of change and put it on the conflict area, I solved the conflict by update DCR with new sysobjectId.

we have two questions:

1-How RME detected the change on the box without any job to collect/poll inventory? (we enabled snmp but not enabled syslog on the new box)

2- on the change audit report, when I generate report for all device, It show only one record for this box: Mgmt172.20.10.21May 17 2010  00:53:47TELNETInitial Config  collection : PRIMARY-RUNNINGDetailsMore Records

But when generate same report for this box only, we have two records:





May 17 2010 00:53:06


Inventory Collection Service


More   Records



Archive Mgmt

May 17 2010 00:53:47


Initial Config collection : PRIMARY-RUNNING


More   Records

I have this problem too.
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Joe Clarke Mon, 05/17/2010 - 15:05

1. RME can only detect inventory changes based on polling or syslog messages.  If syslog has not been configured, then RME must be picking up the change via the default Inventory Collection job.  The system Inventory Collection job cannot be disabled, so even if you haven't manually scheduled this to run, it will automatically run weekly.  Likewise, the system Inventory Polling job cannot be disabled, and will run daily.

2. The only things that come to mind are that there were too many records when you ran the report for all devices, and some were dropped.  Alternatively, perhaps there were some other filters applied when you ran the all devices report.  I don't know of any bugs which would account for what you are seeing.

albatli1977 Mon, 05/17/2010 - 21:32

1- Is default Inventory Collection job hidden in RME job browser, because there are not any Scheduled job by system or me.

2-should I opn TAC request?

Joe Clarke Fri, 05/21/2010 - 10:48

No, the default inventory job can be easily viewed under RME > Admin > Inventory >System Job Schedule.

As for the missing changes, I cannot say what the problem is at this point.  Without knowing more details about how the job was run, the number of devices, the total number of changes, etc. I cannot offer any concrete suggestions.  If you need to open a TAC service request to share this data, then please do so.


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