False Positive; how to train?

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Perhaps I have missed the obvious; I know that a false positive can be released from quarantine as required; but if a particular sender is often ending up in quarantine as a false positive - what are the options for easily training CSVB to treat the sender as a trusted sender? I appreciate that this perhaps could be done by the administrator - but is there an easy way to do this from an end user role?


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To answer my own question; I have discovered the end-user blocklist and safelist facility. Note that this needs to be enabled at the spam quarantine level (i.e. spam quarantining needs to be active and then the enduser blocklist/safelist facility needs to be activated). Please note that there is a bug in ASYNCOS v6.6.0-202 - so ensure that you are using software version later than that.


dzavasni Thu, 05/20/2010 - 08:26
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Beat me to the post, glad you found your answer!


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