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May 20th, 2010

Hi guys...

I just wondering... do I need to use the same cor name and cor list for each sites for interconnected topology using Fa and Se (ospf/eigrp apply)?

for example,

|                  fa


SiteC unable to call SiteD and SiteE, however SiteA and SiteB has no restriction

SiteA,B and C has COR configured and SiteD and E has no COR configured

Thanks Heaps


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Abu Hadee Thu, 05/20/2010 - 06:30

Hi Terrence

Didn't quite understand your requirements.

Do you have routing such that each site has connectivity to other site?

If that is the case, then you point dial-peers to each other sites and control who can call what.

But if you need to configure such that when B calls D or E, it has to go via A and vice versa. When I say this, I mean, B has to send the call setup to A first and A will send to D and E. In that case you need to have cor list configured.

Please clarify your requirement first, then I should be able to help you configuring it

Thank you

- Abu

vip80y_cisco Thu, 05/20/2010 - 07:17

Thanks Abu for your reply, you have always been very helpful to me in this discussion...

basically what I try to accomplish is 1 ext number (1000) from SiteC unable to call SiteD and E and all ext number on siteC unable to call International

I tried to restrict with COR, but when I tested to call from ext (1001) to siteD/E the cisco IP phone display "connected" with a still dial tone then followed by busy tone (dont know what it means)

here is my configuration so far for siteC


dial-peer cor custom

  name block-pt

  name permit-pt

  name permit-Int

dial-peer cor list blockDE

  member block-pt

dial-peer cor list permitDE

member permit-pt

dial-peer cor list callInt

member permit-Int

dial-peer voice siteD voip

corlist outgoing permitDE

destination-pattern siteD

session target ipv4:siteD

codec g711ulaw

dial-peer voice siteE voip

corlist outgoing permitDE

destination-pattern siteE

session target  ipv4:siteD

codec g711ulaw

dial-peer voice callInt voip

corlist outgoing callInt

destination-pattern callInt

session target  ipv4:siteD

codec g711ulaw

ephone-dn 1

number 1000

corlist incoming blockDE

ephone-dn 2

number  1001

corlist incoming permitDE

Do I need to configure the COR with the same name and list as SiteC on siteD (such as block-pt, permit-pt) for ext1001 to reach siteD and E?

Thanks again in advance,


Abu Hadee Thu, 05/20/2010 - 15:49

Hi Terrence,

Your configuration looks ok.

I guess it is some other issue. If you remove the corlist frome ext 1001 and dial-peer of site DE, can you make the call successfully?

You may want to collect "debug voip ccapi inout" and "debug h225 asn1" for further troubleshooting

Thank you

- abu

vip80y_cisco Thu, 05/20/2010 - 16:50

Hi Abu,

Thanks for your reply,

I will try to do the debug, however, I dont need to configure COR on siteD and E with the same cor name and list for ext 1001 to reach siteD and E?

So, the call should be able to reach siteD and E even though no COR configured on those sites, yes?

and do you know why Cisco IP phone display "connected" with a still dial tone then followed by busy tone?


Abu Hadee Thu, 05/20/2010 - 17:15


Yes, when no cor list is configured, call should reach the other site.

Also, you do not need any cor list on site D or E as you are restricting within SiteC

I'm not sure why you are receiving dial tone at the state of connected. Send me the complete configs from all sites.


- abu

vip80y_cisco Thu, 05/20/2010 - 18:42

Hi Abu,

thanks again for your reply

can I private message you with the config?



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