ASDM slow / hang with IPS

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I recently installed an AIP-SSM into my ASA5510.  This enabled the IPS functions in ASDM 6.2.5, but has caused some issues.  I am running ASDM on OSX 10.6.3.  Now ASDM will hang when closing the application.  It will also hang instantly when attempting to view any signatures.  The only way out is to "force quit" or a hard kill of ASDM.  Has anyone else experienced such issues? Suggestions?


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Scott Fringer Mon, 05/24/2010 - 06:06
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  • Cisco Employee,

It would be helpful to know the version of IPS software installed, as each release of IPS software presents a different version of the IPS sensor's built-in IPS Device Manager (IDM) to ASDM for management.

Do you have issue accessing the IPS sensor's IDM directly?



It's only ASDM-IDM on the MAC that is having issues.

More specifically, the issues only happen when running IDM within ASDM on MAC.  On the MAC if I run IDM by itself as suggested via https://sensor-url then it works fine.  Looks like an ASDM issue then, no?

Sensor info:

Sensor up-time is 4 days.
Platform: ASA-SSM-20
Booted Partition: application

Partition: application
  Build Version: 7.0(2)E4
    Realm Keys      key1.0
  Signature Definition:
    Signature Update      S491.0    2010-05-19
  Os Version: 2.4.30-IDS-smp-bigphys
      B-BEAU_2009_OCT_15_08_07_7_0_1_111  2009-10-15T08:09:06-0500  ipsbuild
      Execution State: running
      BE-BEAU_E4_2010_MAR_25_02_09_7_0_2  2010-03-25T02:11:05-0500  ipsbuild
      Execution State: running
      B-BEAU_2009_OCT_15_08_07_7_0_1_111  2009-10-15T08:09:06-0500  ipsbuild
      Execution State: running
  Installed Upgrades
    Upgrade name: IPS-K9-7.0-2-E4
    Time Installed: March 25, 2010 12:00:07 AM
    Upgrade name: IPS-sig-S491-req-E4.pkg
    Time Installed: May 20, 2010 8:02:13 AM
  Next Downgrade:
Partition: recovery
  Build Version: 1.1 - 7.0(2)E4

PEP Udi Module
  description ASA 5500 Series Security Services Module-20
  pid ASA-SSM-20
  vid V02

Memory usage

Disk usage
  system is using 17.4M out of 38.5M bytes of available disk space (45% usage)
  application-data is using 46.1M out of 166.8M bytes of available disk space (29% usage)
  boot is using 41.6M out of 68.6M bytes of available disk space (64% usage)
  application-log is using 123.5M out of 513.0M bytes of available disk space (24% usage)

Scott Fringer Mon, 05/24/2010 - 06:31
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  • Cisco Employee,

There have been changes with the version of IDM included with the E4 engine update that require updated versions of ASDM.  It would be beneficial to ensure you have the latest version of ASDM installed.  There have also been issues noted with some recent releases of Java.  If you have all of your versions up to date, the next option would be to open a service request with TAC so an engineer can look directly at the issue and troubleshoot effectively.



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