WAAS hangs on reload

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May 23rd, 2010

HI All,

We were doing upgrade of WAE OS to 4.1.5f. All the WAE's has a OOBD connection. After we execute reload from CMS the WAAS goes into hang mode. When we see from the console of the WAE the box is in hung state  as below

[WAAS boot - enter bootflags (type '-' to exit)]: -
You have entered boot flags = 0x0
Boot with these flags? [yes]:

After we give the response from the console, the WAE boots again normally. As anybody came across such issue.  Is there a Work around  for it.


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Zach Seils Mon, 05/24/2010 - 05:56

What model devices are you upgrading?  What WAAS version are you upgrading from?


dhanasekaran.r Mon, 05/24/2010 - 06:27

Models are 474, 574 and 674 which gets hanged. I am upgrading from 4.1.5b to 4.1.5f. This happens only when team takes a OOBD connection and does not close it properly and leave the session open ( Just a observation not sure ). We see a lot of such instances only in 474 (10 failed) and very less in 574 (2 failed )and 674 (1 failed).

Zach Seils Tue, 05/25/2010 - 06:43

I'm curious how you get into the boot menu to begin with.  Can you describe exactly what is happening with the OOBD connection?  I haven't been able to reproduce this issue on my own.



dhanasekaran.r Tue, 05/25/2010 - 06:51

Hi Zach,

The setup is like this :: Router Aux Port connected to console port of WAE. We do reverse telnet to take the console of the WAE. The above is the physical connection.

Once you have the console of the WAE, close the connection abruptly by closing the telnet window. Now reload the device from Central Manager.  The device does not boots up for long time. Now get into the console of the WAE. You will end up in the boot menu. I tried again in the lab and i ended up in the boot menu. By the way i have only 474's in the lab so i did not try with other models.


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