ACS 5.1 for Windows VM Ware

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Jatin Katyal Mon, 05/24/2010 - 04:44
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This release of ACS 5.1 provides new architecture and functionality on a standard Cisco Linux-based. We would be requiring a new box all together for 5.0.

Installing ACS on VMware virtual machine

ACS 5.1 doesn't support windows OS.



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Thanks for help JK,

I have two more queries regarding the same.

1. Do I need to install the fresh linux OS prior to installing ACS 5.1 or ACS will itself install the base operating system?

2. Do I need to buy another liscense for ACS 51. that or I can directly migrate from the liscense of ACS 4.2 ?

Waiting for your reply...then my issues will be resolved....


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