WiSM, unable to see Interface after adding.

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We have an up and running WiSM, for about 9 months.  It resides in a 6509 chassis.

I needed to add a new interface for another subnet (previous one was getting over ran, and we have a new project)

I went through the process of adding the interface.  I ensured it was active.

At present, from the 6509 I am unable to ping the interface's IP, but I am able to ping that networks gateway.

From the WiSM, I am able to ping the interface's IP, but unable to ping the gateway.

I was not the original configurator of the WiSM and the 6509 build.  That person is no longer around.

On the 6509 I have ensured that the :  show interface trunk shows the VLAN in question.

I have searched numerous times, and I feel like there is just some nefarious item I am missing on the creation of new Interfaces between the WiSM and 6509.

Any input would be appreciated.


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leejohns Wed, 06/23/2010 - 13:58

Have you double checked the vlan tag, subnet mask, etc for the new interface on the WLC?  Usually when you cannot ping an interface on the WLC (although pings are the lowest priority) it is a configuration error on the above, or the trunk not allowing that interface, etc.




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