udp broadcast across vlans

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Jon Marshall Tue, 05/25/2010 - 17:20

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I have entered ip forward-protocol udp 43968 on both core (6905) but still doesn't work. Am I missing anything here? Thanks

If you want to forward udp broadcasts at L3 you need to do 3 things -

1) configure an ip helper-address to point to the remote subnet broadcast address

2) configure the ip forward-protocol command

3) configure "ip directed-broadcast" on the receiving vlan interface

so as an example, vlan 10 is the source of UDP broadcasts and vlan 11 is the vlan receiving the udp broadcast. vlan 11 subnet is

int vlan 10

ip helper-address

ip forward-protocol udp 43968

int vlan 11

ip directed-broadcast



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