Issue with Ephone-hunt and Auto Attendant

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May 25th, 2010
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Dear All,

I was working on IPCC for past few years but was suddenly put into a project which was on CME and CUE. I have only the basic knowledge on these. Below is a ticket which was raised 3 days back and I am struggling with it. Please do help me.. Let me brief the issue

Requirement 1 :

There is a pilot number 820 to which 5 extensions are mapped. The user wanted to route the call in the following way.

Call 1 to Ext 1

Call 2 to Ext 2

Call 3 to Ext 1

Call 4 to Ext 2

If both 1 and 2 are busy then call should go to Ext 3 and next time it should go to Ext 4 in the similar scenario.

If all 4 are busy at the same time, then call should go to Ext 5.

Requirement 2 :

For the same pilot number 820, a business closed prompt should play from 16:00 to 08:00 AM from an auto attendant on the CUE.

Action take from my side


1. Created a ephone-hunt 1 peer

2. pilot number 820

3. listed Ext 1 and Ext 2

4. Final 901 ( A dummy pilot number)

5. Created a ephone-hunt 2 sequential

6. pilot number 901

7. listed Ext 3 and 4

8. Final Ext 5

Will this satisfy Requirement 1 ?

For Requirement 2.

1. Created a script and uploaded the prompt file to the business closed field.

2. Selected the business schedule as 'system schedule' this is already set in Business schedule option.

3. Created a Auto-Attendant and gave the Call in number as 820

4. and pointed it to the script

This is not working. I tried making test calls during off hours but the call is going to the hunt configuration and getting routed to the extensions.

Please help me solve this..

Abraham Sebastian

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