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Hello, i think i am encountering a bug with UCM 7.1, need to know if anyone has comeacross such an issue and has a solution by any chance.

Here is the issue

I have a translation pattern configured 9.[23]XXXXXX

When I select the new call soft key and then dial the number such as 92123456, UCM gives me a dial tone

When I type the complete number 92123456, and then press the dial softkey, the number goes through.

I have checked all my translation patters and the complete route plan, and ido not see anything suspicious.

Its happening only with this particular translation pattern.

Any sugesstion ?



I have this problem too.
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David Hailey Wed, 05/26/2010 - 07:52


Maybe I'm dense or maybe I'm missing something in your explanation of the "problem" - what is the actual "problem"?

Your translation is 9.[23]XXXXXX which matches anything dialed as 92XXXXXX or 93XXXXXX.  In your example, the number you're dialing fits because it starts with 92 followed by XXXXXX (or 123456 in your example).  So, my question is regarding the translation pattern - are you talking about a ROUTE pattern and not a translation OR if you do mean translation, what do you expect or have configured to happen when this pattern is dialed?  Is this the translated number or the number people should dial and then be translated to something else?  What is the exact configuration of the pattern?


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Hi Hailey,

Thanks for the response,

Yes the issues is too simple, and that's what threw me of as well and the reason i think this is some bug.

Here is the response to your queries,

what do you expect or have configured to happen when this pattern is  dialed?

In the translation pattern i am globalizing the dialed numbers by adding the country code. and then routing the pattern into a partition that has all the route patterns in a globalized format. I have checked this config multiple times and dont see any issues here.

Is this the translated number or the number people should dial and then  be translated to something else?

This is the number users should dial, which matches the translation pattern, but for some reason instead for routing the call to the selected calling search space, i hear a dial tone.

just to confirm that this is the translation pattern that the dialed  number matches. I blocked the call instead of routing it at the translation pattern level and the the call got blocked successfully.

What is the exact configuration of the pattern?

Refer to the answers above.

Do let me know if more clarifications may be required.


David Hailey Wed, 05/26/2010 - 08:16

Do you have "Provide Outside Dial Tone" checked on this translation pattern?


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David Hailey Wed, 05/26/2010 - 08:50

Do you any patterns (including route) that are more specific than this translation?  CUCM looks for longest match before routing based on a pattern.


the answer is No this is the most specific pattern in the device and line partition. As i said I already confirmed that this is the translation pattern that the dialed number matches, i confirmed that by using the block this pattern option and the call actually got blocked. i also used the dialed number analyzer and that does not report any issues. for some reason the translation pattern gives me this dial tone instead of routing the call.

David Hailey Wed, 05/26/2010 - 09:02

So, this is what I'd do if I were you:

1) Delete the translation pattern.

2) Dial the same or a similar dial string - or use DNA - confirm that it doesn't hit any other pattern you have configured.

3) Reconfigure the translation pattern.

4) Check behavior.


David Hailey Wed, 05/26/2010 - 09:11

Well, if you think this is a bug - I would be skeptical.  It is very unlikely that this sort of behavior would only be exhibited when you hit one specific route pattern in the system.  But, it's never impossible.  Have you checked the bug toolkit for the version of CUCM you are running to see if there is anything remotely close listed as a bug? I haven't run across anything like this before as a bug - but again, doesn't make it impossible.

The only thing I've seen is that you delete something from CUCM, it gets cached in memory, and you have to reboot the server to resolve the issue.  That happened more in 4x versions but could be valid in any version regardless of OS.

Lastly, you could also try 2 specific patterns - maybe you have.  So, in other words, 2 translation patterns of:



See what happens with the more specific patterns applied.


Played around with the translation patterns a bit, i think the problem is something diferrent here.

I get that dial tone for all 8 digit numbers. if they for example 88888888 .

but if the number matches a translation pattern that's allows for more than 8 digit for example 922XXXXXXX (9 digits), i can dial the 922999999 sucessfully, but if i change that translation pattern to 8 digits i.e. 922XXXXX, and i dial 92288888. i immediately get a dial tone, after i dial the eight digit.

work in progress...



cjosborne Mon, 10/11/2010 - 07:48

Let me know how it went. I'm noticing the same thing on a 3333 translation that works if I use it on speed dial or if I'm off hook and not using the speaker.


Semih Tigli Mon, 11/08/2010 - 12:47


I have a same problem  When I called short number such as 800 ,I get the dial tone 6-7 seconds. Then number translate to +902164440333

/800/ /+902164440333/

Did you solve this problem or is this a bug ?

UCM Version 8.0.2

David Hailey Mon, 11/08/2010 - 12:52

You can adjust the inter-digit timer which is the T.302 timer, I believe.


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Semih Tigli Mon, 11/08/2010 - 12:59

I changed t302 t303 and t310 parameter but it didnt change anything.The problem still continues.

David Hailey Mon, 11/08/2010 - 13:07

T302 is the one that matters. What value did you set it to?

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Semih Tigli Mon, 11/08/2010 - 13:28

I encounter this problem just IPCommunicator and analog phones connected ATA186 port.The other phone models are translating without problem.



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