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May 28th, 2010
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mon probleme c est que je doit utiliser deux fois le nat dan ma configuration  :!:  :!:
une j ai utilisé pour le vpn pour mont client vpn(PAT),le problkem c estacause du pool que jai affecter a mon client ne pau pa acceder ai backbon de la société(ou j effectue mon stage) donc ils m ont proposer de faire le nat une autre fois pour changer l addresse de a une autre qui appartien au société xx.xx.xx.201 ma config et un peu pré commes ça

int f 0/0 (interface coté client qui aura l adresse
ip add 255.255.255
ip nat [color=#FF0000]outside[/color]no shut

int f 0/1
ip nat [color=#FF0000]inside[/color]no shut
ip local pool vpnpool
ip nat inside source list 111 interface FastEthernet0/0 overload
dans la confi du vpn mais pour l laccée au backbone je dois faire l inverse
int f0/0                                                                                                
ip nat inside 
int f0/1                      
ip nat [color=#FF4000]outside[/color]
ip nat inside source static xx.xx.xx.0

je comprends pa commen faire et surtout que l outside et l inside  se change dans les deux  interfaces 

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Federico Coto F... Fri, 05/28/2010 - 13:18
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Can you post your threat in english?

Thank you,


m.kafka Sat, 05/29/2010 - 01:16
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I hope you understand english.... (And maybe you should really write in english here, it is a world-wide community and others want to understand too)

My little knowledge of french lets me understand this:

You have two interfaces on a IOS router, one configured for

ip nat inside

the other has

ip nat outside

Now you need for your VPN implementation a configuration, where the outside-global is translated to an outside-local?

Two ways to translate outside-global to an outside-local:

Either use the syntax

ip nat outside source

In your case (if I understood you correclty) it could look like:

ip nat outside source static network xx.xx.xx.0

Which will translate a machine on the outside with an address to something xx.xx.xx.0/24 on your inside.

Or configure policy routing with an action "set ip next hop", which redirects traffic to a loopback interface. This loopback can have a different ip nat configuration than the originating interface e.g. ip nat inside instead of ip nat outside. It is a rather tricky approach and I do not recommeend to use it if you don't feel comfortable with policy-routing (I have have used it only a few times to solve unusual NAT-problems).

rgds, MiKa

salwayasalam Sat, 05/29/2010 - 05:13
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my broblem is that ,i have to use NAt tow times in the same config , one i used in vpn for my vpn
client(pat) and the other is when my tunnel is on i have to change the adresses from the ones taken from the
pool of addresses to the addresse of the bachbon of the company xx.xx.xx.201 ----tunnel---> ---backbone---->xx.xx.xx.201
and i don t know how to do it

thanks m.kafka i ll try it and i ll teel you the result.:) even i didn t understand well but i ll try

salwayasalam Wed, 06/02/2010 - 04:16
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hi m.kafka,

sorry i didn t get back to you befor they told me that they blocked my port using NAC  (and i don't understand because am not familiar withi it ,so i tried it in packet tracer ,it didnt work with nat so i taught to add this

ip route 255.255.255 fastethernet0/0

and it work .

if you have any remarks please tell me.and if you have an exemple of the solution you gave me

Header 1

Either use the syntax

ip nat outside source

In your case (if I understood you correclty) it could look like:

ip nat outside source static network xx.xx.xx.0

i would be gratful to you,cause i want to try it seems interesting

thanks again

m.kafka Wed, 06/02/2010 - 05:48
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if you found a solution that's great.

You say NAC? in that case maybe a NAC-appliance... sounds possible.

If the static route helped you I suggest to leave it that way.



salwayasalam Wed, 06/02/2010 - 07:02
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thanks for your help ,so about the exempl ,do you have one so i could try it just in case?




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