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I posted this once before but I cannot find the thread. I am back testing the WVC2300 and I have the same problem I has in the past, when in wireless mode it just drops off the WLAN. The lights are on but I cannot ping it or see it associated to the AP's

It is associating two AIR-LAP521G's with a wireless express controller. I have no other devices on these AP's that have this issue. The WVC2300 works fine with wired, just wireless is the issue. I'm not sure if it's a re-key thing as I cannot know for sure if it's a timed event and there is nothing in any log files indicating why it's doing that.

When I power off and on the camera it connects back fine and works. I don't really want to setup a new AP to test with (unless I absolutely have to) so I thought I would see if anyone else was having this issue....


Bob James

I have this problem too.
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David Hornstein Fri, 05/28/2010 - 14:22

Hi Bob,

In the past you have powered off and on the WVC2300 to get connectivity again. 

Rather than loosing what error information that might be in the camera logs, can you collect what logs are present in the Wireless LAN Controller that may be related to this device losing connectivity.

If you want to go into the Wireless LAN controller  via CCA 2.2.4 and see what log information you can extract from the controller that might assist you.

Then try unplugging the LAP521 and see if the camera re-connects to the AP.  Check  to see if there is any useful log information  contained in the Camera and post it..

Are any other long term  wireless clients, similar to the camera  that are dropping off the WLC526 / LAP521 combination or is this problem only happening to the WVC2300?

lets see what you get, before we move forward.

regards Dave

David Hornstein Fri, 06/04/2010 - 06:46

Hi Bob,

Sound like you are on the right track with opening a case on the WLC with traditional Cisco TAC.

regards Dave. 

Yeah, so I opened a case with TAC and it's been a frustrating excersise ever since,

I send them all logs and config and TAC asked me to turn off all security settings one wireless on my production systems - yeah -no, so they said it looks like a client issue, and sent the case to Small Business support. SMB support asked if I could turn off all security on my systems - yeah -no, so I offered to build up an 871W I had and setup the WVC2300 with it to see what happens.

My plan was setup the 871W the same WPA/TKIP and see what happens; if it fails, turn the security to open on both camera and 871W then see what happens. So the camera was fine for 24 hours with the same setup on the 871, so this points to the compatibility with the camera and AP/WLC. I told SMB support and they sent it back to TAC; TAC said give us wireless sniffer traces of the 871/camera config (which has already been taken down) then the WLC/Camera config. - This is where I get pissed. I asked the "engineer" why they are not demoing this in their labs rather than making me spend all my time troubleshooting this for them; his respone - "oh we don't have that camera to use", "it's Linksys anyway so there are know issues with these and WLC's"; to which I reply great what's the solution then. "We need the sniffer traces to see what the issue is".

Poor at best!

Imagine if I was some mom and pop shop with this type of issue......

Not happy at all....


Never did get this fixed, now I am back trying to get the camera going.

Kinda useless having a wireless camera that doesn't play nice on a wireless network. I also tried the other PTZ wireless camera and it's been running for months on the same wireless infrastructure (as have many PC's)

I think I will try one more time with the SMB team and she what kind of comedy ensues....

Bob James


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