RVS4000: Need help with out-of-the-box device

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May 30th, 2010
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The router is performing very badly.

1. Router's "INTERNET" is connected to ADSL cable modem, providing automatically an IP address.

2. The device is getting "freezed"/"stoned" very often. The longest time record for up-time was just over 1 hour. The shortest up-time was somewhere over 2 minutes.

3. When "freezed" the router:

    a. Still can perform as a switch

    b. No access to WAN

    c. No ping to the router

    d. Green indication lamps.

    e. No access to the web-interface

4. Same behavior with, and firmwares

5. Sometimes after "Restore to factory defaults" DIAG-RED led is lit, and does not go off.

6. To get device back helps to power-off it for an hour or two.


Is it possible to get any information from the router, when it is "freezed"

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Have you tried resetting the RVS-4000 back to factory defaults and then reconfiguration from scratch?

You can use the Reset Button:

The Reset button can be used in one of two ways:

  1. If the Router is having problems connecting to the Internet, press the Reset button for just a second with a paper clip or a pencil tip. This is similar to pressing the Reset button on your PC to reboot it.
  2. If you are experiencing extreme problems with the Router and have tried all other troubleshooting measures, press and hold in the Reset button for 10 seconds. This will restore the factory defaults and clear all of the Router’s settings, such as port forwarding or a new password.

Try that and see if it helps.


Pavel.Kopylov Sun, 05/30/2010 - 12:21
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Pushing that "Reset" button, when router is "frozen" just have no effect at all.

No matter how long I press.

Pavel.Kopylov Sun, 05/30/2010 - 13:12
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When device is working, and I'm able to access the web interface, I was able to do the "restore to factory defaults".

Anyway, after some random time, the router "hangs".

I have now connected it directly to one PC, with no WAN, just as a clever switch... And it is hanging there as well with no traffic going through.

Pavel Kopylov,

It look like we got out of sync. I see you just sent another reply about opening the box Friday.

With it only being Friday, I would take it back to the store I bought it from and get another. The same or better.


If you want to use this as a learning experiance and figure out this problem yourself, then the following maybe for you:

In all of your communications. I hear you saying your RVS-4000 freezes and will not communicate. No in or out of data. Is that correct?

You are also saying, these freezes occur at various times. Correct?

Which I hope this means is that it is working until it stops working...

If that is correct. Then you need to figure out if the problem is coming in over your WAN connection or it's the hardware of the Router itself.

If you think it's the hardware of the Router. Then do things like measure the temperatures of the Router. (Carefully) Try to heat it or cool it to see if this makes it fail, quicker... Check the Voltage to this Router and make sure it's correct and you are not getting Black outs or brownouts, etc... Also check for lose data connectors. (Watch the lights on the front panel)

However, If you think this is from a TCP/UDP attack on your Router. Then you can place a HUB between your Router and the Cable/DSL Modem and the Router. Next plug in a PC into the same HUB and run Network Software Monitoring on this PC in Continues Record mode. Until a failure. Then go thru the Data and see what you find.

There are a few free Network Software Monitoring Tools you can find and download. Even Microsoft has a nice one for free. Microsoft Network Monitor 3.x

You can also buy another Router. The same or better and if you have the same kind of problems. Then it just might be coming in over your connection. And the new Router can then be returned as its still new.

You can call Cisco and or your local ISP and work with them on this problem.

These are just a few Ideas... I'm sure others will have even more.



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