Encrypting Aironet 1410 bridge link using multiple VLANs

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I've looked at the documentation available for Aironet 1400 series, and still would like to see a single document showing an example of

the best encryption/authentication available for bridge links using multiple VLANs.

As I understand it, 1400 series can support WPA-PSK using AES, which would work for me.  I just can't picture how to integrate chapters 9 and 10 for the 'WEP and WEP Features' + 'Configuring Authentication Types' instructions.

I'm looking either for an example config, or a step-by-step that did all steps consecutively.


I have this problem too.
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Scott Fella Tue, 06/01/2010 - 08:41

What doc are you refering to?  If you want to encrypt the link from root bridge to non-root bridge, then WPA/TKIP-PSK is what you should use.  Here is a link to how to setup your link ssid to WPA: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/wireless/bridge/1400/12.2_15_JA/configuration/guide/p15auth.html#wp1044935

Don't worry about the example they show on the WEP, just use the configuration from the above link for your encryption.

Configuring a VLAN

Configuring your bridge to support VLANs is a five-step process:

1. Create subinterfaces on the radio and Ethernet interfaces.

2. Enable 802.1q encapsulation on the subinterfaces and assign one subinterface as the native VLAN.

3. Assign a bridge group to each VLAN.

4. (Optional) Enable WEP on the native VLAN. <-- Use WPA-PSK

5. Assign the bridge's SSID to the native VLAN.


Here is an example of vlan 1 (native) will be your management and your wireless link.  vlan 10 & 20 will pass through the link.

BR# configure terminal
BR(config)# interface dot11radio0.1
BR(config-subif)# encapsulation dot1q 1 native
BR(config-subif)# bridge group 1
BR(config-subif)# exit
BR(config)# interface fastEthernet0.1
BR(config-subif)# encapsulation dot1q 1 native
BR(config-subif)# bridge group 1
BR(config)# interface fastEthernet0.10
BR(config-subif)# encapsulation dot1q 10
BR(config-subif)# bridge group 10
BR(config)# interface fastEthernet0.20
BR(config-subif)# encapsulation dot1q 20
BR(config-subif)# bridge group 20
BR(config-subif)# exit
BR(config)# interface dot11radio0
BR(config-if)# ssid batman
BR(config-ssid)# vlan 1
BR(config-ssid)# infrastructure-ssid
BR(config-ssid)# end

Thanks for the help.  I had no problem getting the VLANs

set up.  My question was solely with security (encryption and authentication).  If I follow this:

bridge# configure terminal
bridge(config)# configure interface dot11radio 0
bridge(config-if)# ssid batman
bridge(config-ssid)# wpa-psk ascii batmobile65
bridge(config-ssid)# end
and repeat for each WLAN SSID, will that give me the best security possible?
How would I set the encryption to AES or 3DES, or is that handled automatically in the WPA-PSK?
or, restated:
is the WPA-PSK setting for authentication only, encryption only, or both?
Thanks in advance.

Scott Fella Tue, 06/01/2010 - 09:45

You only need to use encryption on the wireless link from one bridge to another.  This link will pass all the other vlans from one side to the other.



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