Asa Internal port / p2p communications?

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Jun 1st, 2010
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Hi all, I have a question that I'd like you all to see if i"m going about this correctly.

First I'll describe the topology, where I am now, then what i'm trying to achieve.

Currently:  2 sites (  A. (small office) and B. (collocation cabinet at data center))

Site A is the hot site where all the equipment resides including my asa 5510.

Site B is a cabinet where I'll be relocating all hardware including my asa 5510 (two drop cables in it, rj45 gig for internet and rj45 for p2p back to site A)

These sites are connected via p2p metro Ethernet from B to A already via telecom carrier, so the tunnel works fine from the office. My goal is to begin transfer over to B beginning with the ASA here is my question.

My asa outside static is already configured with the proper static to gain access outside

I'm going to physically move the ASA from site A (hot site where servers reside) to site B (collocation space at datacenter) and plug in the rj45 gig drop left for me inside the cabinet into the outside port of asa.....(this should be fine so far)

Here is my question? The inside of my asa is configured for the internal lan(this is fine). My question is , I have a cisco small business un managed switch at site B, can I run a crossover from my inside port of asa to that switch? At the same switch I was thinking of inserting the p2p drop also (under the assumption the office site A will now be able to see the outside over the p2p connection (after power cycle).  or is this overkill?

My goal is to eventually move the servers to the cabinet and plug them into that switch also. The users back in the office site will simply be at the mercy of the trunk being up or down while the network is happy in the cabinet for remote users..etc.

Am I in need of more hardware? I feel this should suffice since the p2p trunk hardware and services are already in place auto sensing basically.

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