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Jun 2nd, 2010

We've had call manager (ver now for 2 months and since the migration I have had folks accidently dialing 911 on a daily basis.  Rather than stay on the line and explain they dialed 911 by mistake, my  folks are hanging up.  I can search the cdr database and find the offenders, but unfortunately the cdr database is a day behind so I can not search for calls made during the current day.

How can I find who just dialed a number within the past few minutes?

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William Bell Wed, 06/02/2010 - 07:22


Good question.  There are two methods available to you (well, two that I can think of):

1. Setup a "billing" server to receive the CDR feed from your cluster.  The files will be text files that are sent every X minutes.  Where X is configured in the Enterprise Parameters (CDR Polling Interval, I think that is the param).  These will be text files and you would need to parse them.  There are data dictionaries available on CCO.

2. You can run a query directly on the console of the server.  It won't be exactly "real time" but it will be close.  I believe the Enterprise Parameter for CDR polling comes into play here as well.  Anyway, the command:

admin: run sql select datetimeorigination,callingpartynumber,originalcalledpartynumber from car:tbl_billing_data where originalcalledpartynumber = '911' order by datetimeorigination

Now, the datetimeorigination will be in Unix or Epoch time, so you may need to take an extra step to line up the date/time.  You can use a site like this one:

You can get the epoch time for the range you are interested in and then add the date/time parameters to the where clause of your query.



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PhillipVass Wed, 06/02/2010 - 09:20


I tried your second suggestion and I get the same results as a CDR search through UCM CDR and Reporting web page (but a lot less data and much cleaner).  For some reason the tbl_billing_data table is not populated with cdr data until one day later.  Any idea where I may find the CDR polling interval setting?

I made sure the scheduler is set to continuous 24x7.

Thank you

Robert Thomas Wed, 06/02/2010 - 07:50

You should be able to get CDR information almost realtime. If you are getting CDR records one day behind is becaue your CAR scheduler is setup only to run during a specific window late at night, however if you configure 24x7 loading you should be getting records just a minutes after a call is made.

Check the scheduler setting inside CAR utility to make sure is 24x7

PhillipVass Wed, 06/02/2010 - 07:57

I thought I'd be able to do real time search too since I believe I have 24x7 loading enabled.  (see screenshot) But the cdr records are a day behind.

Is there another place I should look to enable continous load?



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