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Jun 7th, 2010
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Hi all,

I had a 2821 cisco router with a lot of vlans on a same interface. This is a Wan router, each vlan is connected to a trunk to my ISP and directly connected to a SDSL oneacces ONE60 modem. I want to replace 2 one 60 in the same location by a 1801 router with 2 WIC-SHDSL-V2 card. Each car can support 4MBit/s on 2 pairs. I want to do etherchannel between vlan 0/3/1.501 and 0/3/1.502 on my 2821 wan router and on this other side between the 2 WIC to obtain a 8MBit/s throuput.

I try to do :

interface Port-channel2
description VPN-2x4MBit/s
ip address
duplex full
hold-queue 0 in

A part of my conf contains :

interface FastEthernet0/3/1.501
description SDSL-4M-VPN-Lien01
encapsulation dot1Q 501
interface FastEthernet0/3/1.502
description SDSL-4M-VPN-Lien02
encapsulation dot1Q 502

But if I try to add the commande to one of my vlan interface : channel-group 2 mode active

I had channel-group2 on all my vlan shared the same interface.

Do you see an issue ?

Best Regards.


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davidgildas Tue, 06/08/2010 - 03:59
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But that's not solve my problem to obtain a best throughput.

Perhaps I don't ask the good qestions. Also, this is my real problem :

My network had a 2821 cisco with a collected SDSL interface (each SDSL is associated to one vlan).

My ISP deliver each link ATM to a specific VLAN on the same trunk interface. I had at this time more than 20 VLANS.

My ISP can supply only 2 wires on SDSL link that provides a throughput of 4MBit/s max

For one client I want to build a bonding between 2 SDSL card to deliver a 8M link. I'll buy a 1841 with 2 WIC-SHDSL-V2 to do that.

For 2 vlans (for example fast 0/3/0.501 and 0/3/0.502) I want to build an agregated link to obtain a throughput of 8MBit/s ATM for my client.

Do you know how I need to process on my cisco 2821 to agregated this 2 vlans ?

Do I need to use bridge interface ?

Also, an other question is it the same process in the CPE 1841 ?

Thanks for your help.

The schema is this :

                                              |                 |
modem 1801 WIC-1 ----------------| dslam/LAC|------------------ LNS/2801
                    WIC-2 ---------------|                 |                   2vlans 501 and 502



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