dtbullock Thu, 06/10/2010 - 22:08
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In fact, since small-business networks are:

a) small; and

b) frequently single-site; or

c) not in possession of their own WAN infrastructure even if they are multi-site

.... the Cisco advice on campus-hierarchical and enterprise-modular designs goes out the window in the small business product range.  This is not frequently a problem in practice - the LAN at each site will be fairly 'flat' anyhow - very likely the same switch will fulfil the role of access for the server farm, user workstations, phones and printers ... as well as being directly connected to the WAN/edge device.

This single-switch arrangement works out fairly well in most deployments, and there is a switch to meet your needs and budget. 

Well, most of your needs.  It's a small security concern that Layer 2 broadcasts from user-facing ports are flooded to server-facing ports.  Because the chowder-heads at Cisco won't allow inter-VLAN (static Layer 3) routing on any of their switches (except the ex-Linksys ones which have no future), you can't put servers and workstations in separate VLAN's unless you want it badly enough to do router-on-a-stick using another device (and why would we want to do that, Cisco?  It performs worse and it costs more.)

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