CUCMBE 7 and Call Forward - preserve original callee?

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Jun 8th, 2010

The situation is this:

Executive line (ext# xx50) is set to forward no answer to (ext# xx51). However, while executive is on vacation, they

would like there voicemail at (xx50) to handle messaging. So if after the call is forwarded to (ext# xx51), if the

exec admin at that location does not pick up can the call be sent to voicemail for (ext# xx50)?

Possible or ridiculas?

I have this problem too.
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William Bell Tue, 06/08/2010 - 10:37

Actually, if I am following your requirement, this is the default behavior.

PhoneA calls PhoneB

PhoneB is forwarded to PhoneC

PhoneC does not answer and is forwarded to voicemail

The originalCalledParty information is going to be presented to the VM system.  In the above scenario, this is PhoneB so when the call eventually lands on VM, PhoneA will hear the greeting "hi, this is executive xx at PhoneB.".

Note that it does require:

1.) PhoneB has a voicemail box with a primary or alternate extension that matches PhoneB line config in CUCM

2.) PhoneC is forwarding (CFA/CFB/CFNA) to voicemail

3.) The voicemail system referenced by the PhoneC profile is the same one as PhoneB

4.) The VM profile associated to PhoneB or PHoneC is not manipulating digits in some manner as to exclude the behavior you desire.

Again, this is the default behavior. Can you create a test to verify it is working this way or not?  Or, do I have your scenario completely wrong?



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Chris Tolley Tue, 06/08/2010 - 11:46

Hi Bill,

You are indeed correct! In retrospect it would have been logical for me to test call handling in advance. Regardless plus 5!



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