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Jun 8th, 2010

Hi all,

Is there any issues in creating  duplicate ether channel group number  in the same network but different switch.

For example

I have a core switch connecting two buildings which have 3 access layer switches

First Building

Switch 1 :Ether channel group 1 between core switch and Switch 1

Switch  2 : Ether channel group 12 between Switch 1 And Switch 2

Second Building

Switch 1 :Ether channel group 2 between core switch and Switch 1

Switch  2 : Ether channel  group 12 between Switch 1 And Switch 2

My question is that is there any issue having same ether channel group number 12 in second building or it should be different number.

Please advice me

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Jon Marshall Tue, 06/08/2010 - 23:55


Etherchannel group numbers are local to the switch so you can use the same number on different switches.


Praveen AR Wed, 06/09/2010 - 10:34

Hi John ,

Thanks for your  response.

So channel group is local to switch But i have a problem in my network .

In my network layer 2   ether channel using  channel group mode on  from Core switch to Edge switches and  between local switch 1 ---> Switch 2 and between Switch 2 ----->switch 3.core switch ip address is .so i gave default-gateway as192.168.255.1 all of the three Local switches.My problem is that i am not able to ping core switch ip from the switch 3 also i cannot ping switch 3 from any of the switches.I verified ether channel it shows up and connected and also it is trunking.Till switch 2 everything is fine I can ping all of the switches.Do i need to give default gateway in all of the three switches or i need to give  only   the switch i am connecting core switch.

Jon Marshall Wed, 06/09/2010 - 10:36


You should give a default-gateway to your edge switches although if you are pinging from within the same subnet they should respond anyway.



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