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Jun 9th, 2010


I have a setup where a CSS is working with a content engine (WAE) to provide reverse proxy service to a web farm.

The problem is that although i see on the CSS the requests being redirected to the WAE, the engine does not retrieve

content from the web servers (there is connectivity with the farm). The configs i have are the following.


service wae1
  type transparent-cache
  no cache-bypass
  ip address

service web1
  keepalive type tcp
  keepalive port 80
  ip address

service web2
  keepalive type tcp
  keepalive port 80
  ip address

eql Cacheable
  extension jpeg

  extension gif
  extension jpg
  extension jpe
  extension txt

  extension doc

owner customer

  content reverse_proxy_rule
    add service wae1
    port 80
    protocol tcp
    url "/*" eql Cacheable
    vip address x.x.x.x


  content second_rule
    add service web1
    add service web2
    protocol tcp
    port 80
    vip address x.x.x.x

  content wae_miss_rule
    add service web1
    add service web2
    protocol tcp
    port 80
    url "/*"
    vip address

And the WAE config is:

http proxy incoming 80
http max-ttl days text 1 binary 1
http proxy outgoing host 80 primary
http l4-switch enable

interface GigabitEthernet 1/0
ip address

ip default-gateway

no bypass load enable

On the content engine i see the requests coming but the engine reports them all as "client errors".

See below.

WAE-Primary#sh stat http req
                              Statistics - Requests
                                                Total             % of Requests
        Total Received Requests:     10                         -
                 Forced Reloads:           0                       0.0
                  Client Errors:              10                     100.0
                  Server Errors:               0                       0.0
            URL Blocked (Reset):         0                       0.0
                    URL Blocked:             0                       0.0
         Sent to Outgoing Proxy:          0                       0.0

These are the recommended configs i found on CCO.

Has anyone else made this work?

Thanks in advance


I have this problem too.
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