Configuring SRW2024 for VMware vSphere VLAN

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I am reasonably new to Cisco switchs, VLAN's and VMware.

We have set up a small VMware vSphere system in our network based around 2 servers and a NAS (using NFS). I am having trouble configuring VMware and our Linksys/Cisco SRW2024 switch to use VLAN's. I am trying to use VST (Virtual Switch Tagging). My problem is as soon as i enter a VLAN ID in a VMware port group I lose connectivity with the VM's in the port group. This makes me believe I have not configured the switch properly.

Basically I have tried many different setups on the SRW2024 switch, but nothing seems to work. Mainly I have done the following:

1. Changed the ports connected to the VMware hosts from having a port setting of "Access" to "Trunk"

2. Created the VLAN's in the switch with the same VLAN ID's as in VMware

3. In the Ports to VLAN screen, selected one of the VLAN's and set the acceptable frame type to "Tagged" on the associated ports

Any help appreciated as I am going round in circles now from looking into VLAN's etc



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