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I am trying to get a script to work after upgrading to V8 of CCX.The script records a prompt and then tries to use a WriteDocument step to save it, then upload it. This step gets an access violation when executed. I was told by TAC that, with V8, I have to use a System.getProperty("uccx.customer.dir")  function to get the location of the directory that I can write the prompt to. I can't figure out how to reference this function within the script. I have attached a copy of the script.  Any ideas?


I have this problem too.
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Jonathan Schulenberg Thu, 06/10/2010 - 11:07

Why both saving it to the local disk prior to uploading to the document repository? Just authenticate the user and upload directly.

I was trying to modify an existing script that allowed the caller to record a prompt, then go to a menu that allowed them to listen, re-record, or save. I got the write prompt step tp work, but when I try to execute the upload step, I get an unsuccessful. I authenticated the user successfully, and I don't get any error on the upload, just unsuccessful. Any ideas?


Aaron Harrison Wed, 06/23/2010 - 03:15


I'd agree - you don't need to 'write' anything. There was a bug in an old version where it wouldn't upload unless you wrote it first, but it's not necessary now.

I would remove the 'write document' step - you don't need to do this, and if you do it you'll probably find yourself troubleshooting it for a while with the only result being unnecesary disk activity or a cluttered disk.

Once done, if it still fails but does take the 'successful' branch of the 'Auth User' step, then is this user a Supervisor or Administrator? If not, they'll authenticate, but not be permitted to upload.

If all that is present/correct, then you'll need to pull the MIVR logs. When the upload step fails, there will be a block of lines containing EXCEPTION and the longest of those lines will list some sort of reason... usually something you can interpret.



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Got it to work. I was missing the Get User step, so even though I authenticated properly, I wasn't passing the authjenticated user to the upload step.  I got the write document step to work also. Are you suggesting that I don't write the prompt to a temporary file, but just upload it? If I do that, I assume I can still replay, re-record and save, just by using the uploaded prompt rather than the temp file. So the temp file is basically an unnecessary extra step? Thanks for your help on this.

Aaron Harrison Wed, 06/23/2010 - 13:00


Get User was in the script you posted - I guess you mean you missed it failing? Good you have it sorted anyway!

Re: the playback/etc - when you use the 'Recording' step. you assign the recording to a Document (recordedPromptDoc in your script) - you can just play that back directly, overwrite the var with another Recording step, or upload it directly as you please. No need for any direct disk business...



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