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Jun 10th, 2010
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I have a Cisco IE-3000 that should be able to support the CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) meaning it shall be "Browsable" inside Rockwell software suite including RSLinx, RSNetworx For Ethernet and RSLogix 5000.

I found the EDS file (Electronic Data Sheet For RSLinx) on the Flash memory card loaded in the switch.  Even with the EDS installed, RSLinx is still unable to "See" the switch in RSWho.  No matter what Ethernet driver I use out of the 2 (Auto Browse or Manual IP Entry), the device is not shown into RSLinx.

In RSNetworx for Ethernet, the switch does show up with the proper model (meaning the EDS seems to work) but when I "Double Click" the switch, nada, no status, no data.  CIP seems unable to get the data.

In RSLogix, this switch shall be able to be shown under the Ethernet interface (1756-ENBT) and it does not.  When you try to "add a device", the IE-3000 is not listed in the drop down menu for available devices.  So to add a device from a thrid party vender (such asa Cisco) you need a file called the AOP (Add on Profile)The only thing close to that i found on the Rockwell site is the AB Stratix 8000 switch AOP file.  Since they seems to be the same breed of products, I did try to install the RSLogix 5000 AOP (Add-On Profile) for the Stratix 8000 similar to my Cisco IE-3000 but a "!" appears next to the device and the bottom status display toggles between "Connecting......Faulted". 

This switch is sold as being able to support CIP (Common Industrial Protocole), but this does not seems to work for me.... Cisco Manuals (Command and Software Config) don't give a lot of details on the CIP for RSLogix except it shall work!

Did anyone connected a IE-3000 in RSLogix5000 with success and if yes, please tell me what is missing ?

Before you ask: My versions:

RSLogix 5000 = 17 CPR9 SR1

RSLinx = CPR9 SR2

RSNetworx for EtherNet/IP = 9.00.00 CPR9 SR 1

IE-3000 = V12.2 (52)

CIP is, of course enabled on the switch.

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vivekhajarnavis Mon, 09/06/2010 - 09:45
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Hi Sylvain,

The IE3000 is not compatible with the Stratix 8000 add-on profile in RSLogix 5000. The only way to integrate it into Logix would be to use the generic ethernet module but you would need to obtain the assembly instance parameters - which I do not believe have been published by Cisco.

In contrast, a Stratix 8000 is designed to integrate into a Logix controller whilst retaining the same network management capabilities of the IE3000.



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