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Hello All,

I recently purchased a Cisco PVC2300 ethernet camera.  I am trying to use it in a very specific and unorthodox manner.  Ideally, I would like the camera to be constantly streaming the data packets over ethernet without any responses from other computers.  This will not be used over the internet and security isn't an issue.

Thus, is there any way to set up the camera to just constantly stream video once it is turned on?  In my environment, it cannot be dependent on receivng any packets from any other source.

If this product cannot do such a task, does Cisco have any products that can?



I have this problem too.
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Thanks for the response.

The camera is only going to have a one-directional link between it and the network share.  Is this still going to work?

Setting it up in a normal environment (with SMB/CIFS), I see packets being sent both way from the network sare.  This concerns me because in my ideal setup wont be able to send packets back to camera.

Thanks again,



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