what cisco considers jumbo and baby giant frame

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Jun 13th, 2010

Hi every body.

how  are you guys doing?

I was reading about  jumbo frames.

According to cisco web side,  a frame larger than 1518 is considered jumbo frame.  A baby giant frame is slightly larger than the allowed( 1518 bytes)

here i am lost, if frame is larger than 1518, will it be jumbo or baby giant frame?  because a baby giant frame by defination is larger than 1518 so it should be jumbo frame as well.

thanks and have a good day.

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by TODD RIEMENSCHNEIDER about 6 years 4 months ago

This is a quote I found off of a pdf (http://www.cisco.com/application/pdf/paws/29805/175.pdf ).

"Baby giant frames refer to Ethernet frame size up to 1600 bytes, and jumbo frame refers to Ethernet frame size up to 9216 bytes" So basically beyond 1600 bytes it should be considered Jumbo.

Hope that helps....


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