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David Hailey Tue, 06/15/2010 - 17:49
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The Flip Ultra HD camera does not have an on-screen battery life indicator.  In a number of reviews for this camera, this is a common "con". Instead, the recording indicator light on the front of the device doubles as a battery life indicator.  You can confirm this with a simple Google search and you'll find many reviews such as this: http://www.makefilmwork.com/2009/04/27/the-flip-ultra-hd/


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I don't know if anyone still uses the Flip Camera with the side mounted battery posts (code: ABT2W).

My battery does not hold a charge very long (about 45 min).  It is also slightly swollen, but it is the original battery with the FLIP logo.  It will also show a charge status in the lower right hand of the screen (Full Green, then partial green, then red, then dead).

I bought several replacement batteries on Amazon (one from DSTE with code DA229 for ABT2W and one from Wasabi Power with code BTR-FLIP-ABT2W).  They came charged, however they do not show the charge status in the view screen and they will not re-charge (either from the computer or an external charging cable).  When trying to charge these, the viewer will show the picture of the USB logo and say "Connected", however, the red LED on the front will extinguish after a minute.  If I re-install the original battery, the viewer will show a large picture of the battery with a lightning bolt and status (i.e., red then green).

I would like to use these new batteries, but have no idea how to get the viewer to indicate status level in the lower right hand view screen when using or the full view screen when charging.


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