7914 not working

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Jun 17th, 2010

Hey everyone,

I seem to have a problem getting a sidecar setup on a 7960 phone.  All of the lights are lit up red and none of the display is coming on.  It does have powering going to it.  I had this phone system dumped in my laptop so I am learning as I go .  Any help would be wonderful.

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CHRIS CHARLEBOIS Thu, 06/17/2010 - 09:29

Typically a field of red lights on 7914 means that the phone is not configured for an expansion.  Have you specified the expansion on the phone's configuration page?  I've also seen it when a user who normally doesn't have an expansion logs into a phone that has an expansion.  The expansion needs to be configured in the mobility profile, if you are using extension mobility.

loren@techdatas... Thu, 06/17/2010 - 09:32

The 2 programs I have available to me for programming the phone system are Cisco Unity Express and Cisco Call Manager Express.  Unity to me looks more like the area to program phones, users, extentions etc.  The call manager looks more like configuring ports similar to a router.  I am assuming the information you are telling me is location in CUE?

David Hailey Thu, 06/17/2010 - 20:42

No, CUE is Unity Express - that's where you provision voicemail.  You need to provision the 7914 on the CME.  The command is something like this:

ephone 1

mac-address xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

type 7960 addon 1 7914

To be exact, here is a link on how to configure the 7914 with a phone on CME:



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loren@techdatas... Tue, 06/22/2010 - 09:35

I think I am getting close.  When I am in the CLI I type in ephone 1 but then I get an error returned sayying % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.  The marker is under the 1

Rob Huffman Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:16

Hi Loren,

That would seem to indicate that there is no ephone (phone-tag) 1

Can you query (to determine the ephone that you want to configure) I think ephone 1 from

Hailey's good post is just an example

show ephone [mac-address | phone-type]




1. enable

2. configure terminal

3. ephone phone-tag

4. mac-address [mac-address]

5. type phone-type [addon 1 module-type [2 module-type]]

6. button button-number{separator}dn-tag [,dn-tag...] [button-number{x}overlay-button-number] [button-number...]

7. max-calls-per-button number

8. busy-trigger-per-button number

9. keypad-normalize

10. nte-end-digit-delay [milliseconds]

11. end



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