Problem upgrading IOS on 4900M

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Jun 18th, 2010
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OK I am attempting to upgrade the IOS on a new 4900M to the latest IOS and having difficulting.

Ive figured out the port config (I think)

hw-module module 2 port-group 1 select gigabit

To see it:

Switch#sh hw-mod module port-gr
Module Port-group Active                         Inactive
   2        1     Gi2/9-12                       Te2/1-2
   2        2     Gi2/13-16                      Te2/3-4
   2        3     Gi2/17-20                      Te2/5-6
   2        4     Gi2/21-24                      Te2/7-8

THen I configured an IP on VLAN1 and connected that switch port to a switch and I am able to PING the network.  I can ping my TFTP server and the tftp server can ping this 4900Ms IP address.

interface Vlan1
ip address

But when I go through the steps to kick off downloading the IOS image from the TFTP server it just sits and times out.  I see no activity on the TFTP server side.

Any thoughs as to what IM doing wrong?


~ Phil

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pmorneault Fri, 06/18/2010 - 17:46
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Hi thanks the command specifying the tftp interface did the trick, I should have known

to try that, I know the command just have never needed to use it on a device with a single interface

on the same subnet as the tftp server.

~ Phil

glen.grant Fri, 06/18/2010 - 17:28
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  What kind of tftpserver are you using?  If its a windows box make sure the server is pointed at the correct directory  where the IOS image is located. If unix check to make sure the file is unlocked so you can get at it.  the 4900m is no different than any other IOS switch as far as downloading code to it. If you can ping it then its a tftpserver issue .

rupikaur Fri, 01/07/2011 - 01:28
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Procedure to upgrade IOS on 4900M switch through ethernet management port

++Establish a direct connection between the PC AND the switch ON the ethernet management port Fa1/1

++Download the IOS file on the TFTP/FTP server

++Confirm the connectivity between the pc and the switch through the following command:
"ping vrf mgmtVrf ip address"

++Then configure the following command on the interface which belongs to the vrf i.e. Fa1/1
"ip tftp source-interface"  in the global config mode

The purpose of this command is To specify the IP address of an interface as the source address for TFTP connections.This command sets the interface from which the router takes the source IP address for all TFTP traffic.

After this we carry on the usual procedure to copy the IOS from TFTP SERVER to PC

Also please go through the following links as well:

How to upgrade the Cisco IOS software on the 4900 switch

Some more information on the vrfmgmt port:


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