CS-MARS pnexp not working

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Jun 18th, 2010

I am running v4.3.6 (2841) below is the output from the command pnexp> export all.

I can see that I am connecting on the SFTP server (in the logs) and I am creating  the folder as expected but there is nothing being sent. I have R/W permissions on the destination system. Any ideas to what could be the issue here?

pnexp> export all
Usage: export {config|data|all} {nfs_path} [MM/DD/YY:HH]

pnexp> export all sftp:
WARNING: this will stop CS-MARS, do you wish to continue (yes/no): yes

Estimated total number of events to export: 223842332
Estimated time to export events: 6 hours 13 minutes
Estimated space for exported events: 10674 MB

Do you wish to continue (yes/no): yes
Please enter username on ******
Please enter password for ******:

!!! Stopping CS-MARS processes ...
!!! Exporting config data to local disk

Dumping configuration data, may take a while ...
Configuration dump finished.
Configdump to /tmp/Some_MARS_2010-06-17-17-02-19 finished successfully.

!!! Moving config data to the remote host
Error: failed to save file to the remote host

I have this problem too.
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Correct Answer by Scott Fringer about 6 years 4 months ago

What are you using for your SFTP server?  Is it from the supported list here:


The CS-MARS makes use of both SFTP and SCP to move the files across during an export.  If your server does not support SCP, the export will not succeed.


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cschweigert Mon, 06/21/2010 - 10:12

Thanks for the reply. I think that was a issue. We were using FreeSSH instead of OpenSSL. We sent up the UNIX file share on a windows box and it is exporting now. The instructions in the posted link was helpful, pay particular attention to the reboot step if you have any issues with file permissions as noted..


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