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I´am going to setup a working configuration on a cisco router using some nat concepts. The main goal is to nat incoming connections from different outside addresses to a single inside address, but furthermore translate the destination port based on the outside source address. Please notice the following examples for a clearer understanding of the required scenario. -> translate to -> translate to -> translate to

I tried out different approaches, but was not able to find a working configuration. I found one posting which covers a similar nat scenario, but this translates to different inside addresses based on the source address.  So this is not exactly what I´m looking for.

There are another two approaches in my mind to achieve this goal, but I´m not sure if it´s possible to configure this on IOS.

Maybe it is possible to use a NAT destination list, like descriped in the thead I´ve linked on the top, to translate to different loopback addresses. After this translation a further static translation should occur. Again, please look at the following example.

1 step: -> translate to (loopback address)

2 step: translate to


1 step: -> translate to  (loopback address)

2 step: translate to

Another solution I could imagine would be to put connections from different sources into seperate VRF´s. So in every single VRF I could define static inside nat commands to specific ports. As I´m completely new to VRF´s, I don´t know if this is possible.

I would be very glad about any suggestions for this issue.



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