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Jun 21st, 2010


I am trying to set up integrated EIM 4.3.1 with ICM 7.5 while ICM is using System PG. Do anybody know if such configuration should work? Everything seems to be OK, but when route request comes to ICM router it ends up with following error:

No peripheral target available for route <route> with routing client <RC>


<route> is route associated with IPTA skill group

<RC> is routing client created for EIM

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I have this problem too.
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I hope you can follow this.

So RC is a routing client associated with a Media Routing PG?

Use regedit to set the EMSTraceUserData (not trace mask) to 0xdf on the MR PIM. Agent not available.

Watch the MR PIM window. When a email arrives, triggers your workflow, assigns it to a queue in EIM that's mapped to a script selector in ICM, you will see a request come up towards the Call Router - a NEW TASK request.

Script selector - call type - scheduled script: Queue to Skill Group.

Is the call in Queue? I find it more instructive to have a Q2SG node with a couple of wait nodes in a loop so you can see the "calls". Real time data should show the call in Queue - does it?

Agent goes available in EIM.

Should get the message in the PIM going the other way - towards the peripheral. DO_THIS_WITH_TASK and it will have the agent (database ID). But if the Call Router is barfing as you say, you won't.

Up the trace on the Call Router (use rttrace - turn on the usual suspects). What do you see?



marcel.gaborik Mon, 06/21/2010 - 23:38


I finally found solution. When System PG is used it must not have set "Internal IPTA only" chekbox on Advanced tab of Peripheral configuration (in PG Explorer).




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