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William Bell Tue, 06/22/2010 - 09:54
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Not sure I follow.  What is CUID?  If you are referring to CLID, then you can hide this on ingress.  This translation would need to occur on the CUCM.  For instance, you can have a translation pattern that is only visiable from the voice gateways.  This translation can then manipulate the calling party information as needed.

If you are referring to something else then please provide more information.



William Bell Thu, 06/24/2010 - 14:15
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Sure.  My idea is to insert a translation pattern between the voice gateways and your IP phones.  Example:

- assume that voice gateways receive 10-digit DID from PSTN and your DID NPANXX (for IP phones) is 703123XXXX

Phone partition: Phones_PT

Gateway CSS: PSTN-In_CSS

- Contains PSTN-In_PT

Translation Partition: PSTN-In_PT

Translation CSS: Tenant-Standard_CSS

- Contains Phones_PT

Translation pattern:

- pattern: 703123XXXX

- partition: PSTN-In_PT

- css: Tenant-Standard_CSS

- Translate Calling

-- Calling Line ID Presentation: Restricted

-- Calling Name Presentation: Restricted

- Translate Called:

-- if you need to truncate digits to match phone lines with an abbreviated pattern, then do so here.

I think that you could use Transformation patterns and calling party transformations on the gateways as well.  At least with CUCM 7.x.

Anyway, those are my ideas on the matter.



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