WAAS 4.2(1) is now available on CCO!

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Jan Rockstedt Tue, 06/22/2010 - 05:02

Hi Zach,

Is the 4.1.7 the last version of 4.1x and will open caveats be fixed in 4.2.x?


Zach Seils Tue, 06/22/2010 - 06:28

Hi Jan,

Yes, 4.1(7) is the latest release in the 4.1 train.  In general, the 4.2 train will include fixes for known issues in 4.1.  Do you have specific defects you are concerned about?



Jan Rockstedt Tue, 06/22/2010 - 06:41

Hi Zach,

I dont have any specific defects.

I am just wondring as we are expanding with new WAE every week.
So it is not that easy to upgrade any more, as we are seeing an flap on the inline interface when we reboot the WAE.


Zach Seils Tue, 06/22/2010 - 06:46

As far as defects are concerned, 4.1(7) and 4.2(1) should be pretty close, since they were released so close together.  It's possible that some more complex fixes went into 4.2(1), but I'd need to check to be sure.  I'll look at the numbers more closely this afternoon and post an update.


ltroutman Tue, 06/22/2010 - 08:00

It looks like the config guide and release notes links lead to the 4.1.7 version, not 4.2.1.

Can you let us know when the 4.2.1 docs will be availabble?

Also, it looks like the binary image for 4.2.1 is about half the size of 4.1.x - have some older features been cut, or have the programmers just been able to squeeze everything into a smaller package?

Zach Seils Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:50

The full set of documentation should be available in the next day or so.

One of the features in the 4.2(1) release is a reduction in the binary image size.  This is why the 4.2(1) image is much smaller than previous versions.



Zach Seils Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:53

I just updated the links in the original post.  Please let me know if you continue to have problems.



wrobbin Tue, 06/22/2010 - 08:20

What is prerequisite for 4.2(1) ? Also  i just finished a little over a month and a half ago upgrading all my WAAS unit casue of a CIFS issue in 4.1.3b now we are running 4.1.5f. Is the any advanatage to upgrading to 4.2(1) ?

Zach Seils Tue, 06/22/2010 - 10:54

The release notes are the best place to understand any prerequisites and what has changed in the 4.2(1) release.



Ryan Posey Thu, 06/24/2010 - 05:09

Word of Warning.  4.2.1 and TACACS KEY

I upgraded Central Manager from 4.1.5f to 4.2.1 this morning.  After a reboot, I was unable to authenticate via TACACS.  Looking at ACS v4.2 failed authentication logs, the shared key no longer matched.  I was able to create a black-hole route on the ACS box, get into the Central Manager over a local account and reapply the TACACS KEY ****.  Once that was complete and the black-hole route was removed, I was able to get back into the Central Manager via my TACAS credentials.

With this being said my upgrade process will now include creating black-hole routes in TACACS (ACS) for all WAAS boxes, upgrade to 4.2.1, locally authenticate, reenter the TACACS KEYS again, and then remove the black-hole routes in ACS.

FYI...My TACACS KEY does contain special characters and that may be lending a hand to this problem.  However if 4.2.1 has added any new restrictions on the TACACS KEY characters, then it would not have allowed me to reenter the same key successfully.

Zach Seils Thu, 06/24/2010 - 06:10

Thanks for the update, Ryan.  I'll take a look at this today.


Ryan Posey Tue, 06/29/2010 - 06:37

So as a prize for finding this, is there any chance of getting the next patch named after me!

4.2.1rp  It has a nice ring to it


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