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Jun 23rd, 2010


Our development team have recently rewritten an application to use the webdialer function on the Cisco Unified Communications Server The current setup that we have for the users is that they log in to Cisco IP communicators via Extension Mobility. The extensions are setup with a device profile / Directory number attached to a End User Profile. To enable them to use the web dialer I currently have to add all the MAC addresses of all the phones that are being used by the webdialer ( due to the fact that all staff hotdesk) to each individual end user account under controlled devices. This is extremely time consuming and when new computers are added it becomes a pain as this has to be added to each end user account.

My question is.. is it possible to add all the devices that will be used by the webdialer to some sort of a group and just add that to the end user profile? or if not, can anyone suggest a better way of accomplashing this?


I have this problem too.
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Jason Burns Wed, 06/23/2010 - 19:50


This is sort of a unique problem presented by WebDialer. The user used for authentication must be associated with that device. It sounds like you're using the end user.

What if the WebDialer app you wrote had just a single account it used for auth, and all requests to your app used this account. Just this single account would have to have all the phones associated to it.

I know that other CTI applications solve this problem in the same way. They open a CTI Provider that has all phones associated to it (or has CTI Allow Control of All Devices) and then use this Provider with access to all of the phones to make the calls. Without knowing more details about what exactly your WebDialer based app does this is all I can provide.

If you're willing to share more details let me know!

Aaron Harrison Thu, 06/24/2010 - 00:16


Well - since you aren't using CTI directly; the users do not need to be associated to the physical phones, unless the physical phones are statically configured for them (i.e. not EM profiles logged in to a phone).

You may (or may not) have noticed that if you set up a user with just:

-End User Account

-CCM End Users Group

-One Associated EM Profile

That if you log into CCMUser, you can click people's numbers in the directory and dial them - this uses webdialer, which has supported for EM users.

According to the dev guide for webdialer (see page 10 of this PDF the makeCallSoap interface takes three parameters - destination, credential, and profile. Profile is defined in the WSDL as:

I would imagine that your dev guys have specified a particular deviceName rather than a lineNumber or user, and that the supportEM param may need setting.




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