cucimoc phone error Win7x64 CUCM

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Jun 24th, 2010
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I have working cucimoc 7.1.4 clients running windows XP, vista and win 7 x32 all successfully. My problem was that we had a few machines Win 7 X64 so i decided to install CucuMoc 8.01 for these users.

I am recieving a Phone Error Service Internal Error and Phone Error Failed to get configuration .

I have configured the client wih the BAT file.


What am I overlooking?

Thank You

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htluo Thu, 06/24/2010 - 07:05
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How did you populate the registry settings on Win7x64?  With a BAT file or with ADM?

Would you be able to provide CUCIMOC problem report?



james.koniecki@... Thu, 06/24/2010 - 07:23
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Files were populated with .Bat . Is their a specific file or do you need the zip that I can send you directly ?
REM *************************************************************************
REM  WARNING:  This batch file will MODIFY THE REGISTRY!
REM  This is used to add (or update) the local machine's Registry with
REM    default CSF Admin config data. 
REM  If values already exist, this batch file will overwrite them!
REM  Feel free to modify the variable values below to reflect whatever
REM    settings you need for your own usage.
REM *************************************************************************
REM Batch variable setting is sort of odd...if you set it to a quoted string
REM   the QUOTES are part of the variable!  Just FYI.
REM *** TFTP Servers
SET TFTP1="x.x.x.x"
SET TFTP2="x.x.x.x."
SET TFTP3="x.x.x.x"
REM *** CTI Servers
SET CTI1="x.x.x.x."
SET CTI2="x.x.x.x"
REM *** CSF Stats Server
SET CsfStatsServer=""
SET CsfStatsCollectionEnabled=""
REM ***  LDAP information
SET LDAP_Server_1="ldap://x.x.x.x"
SET LDAP_SearchBaseDN_1="DC=domain,DC=com"
SET LDAP_SearchBaseDN_2="
SET LDAP_SearchBaseDN_5=""
SET LDAP_EnableAnonymousBind="false"
SET LDAP_MaxCacheSize="1000"
SET LDAP_ResultSetMaxSize="250"
SET LDAP_UserLogonDomain=""
SET LDAP_AttributeName_objectclassKey="objectclass"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_objectclassValue="person"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_userLogonName="userPrincipalName"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_displayName="displayName"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_commonName="cn"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_firstName="givenName"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_lastName="sn"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_email="mail"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_uri="msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_photoUri="photoUri"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_businessPhone="telephoneNumber"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_homePhone="homePhone"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_mobilePhone="mobile"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_otherPhone="otherTelephone"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_primaryPhoneNumberForSearches="telephoneNumber"
SET LDAP_EnableWildcardMatchesForPhoneNumberSearches="false"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_title="title"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_companyName="company"
SET LDAP_AttributeName_userAccountName="sAMAccountName"
REM ***  Voicemail Pilot Number
SET VMPilot="1000"
SET VVM_SystemServer_0="x.x.x.x"
SET VVM_SystemServer_1="x.x.x.x"
SET VVM_SystemServer_VmwsProtocol_0="HTTP"
SET VVM_SystemServer_VmwsProtocol_1="HTTP"
SET VVM_SystemServer_VmwsPort_0="80"
SET VVM_SystemServer_VmwsPort_1="80"
SET VVM_Mailstore_Server_0="x.x.x.x"
SET VVM_Mailstore_Server_1="x.x.x.x"
SET VVM_Mailstore_ImapProtocol_0="TCP"
SET VVM_Mailstore_ImapProtocol_1="TCP"
SET VVM_Mailstore_ImapPort_0="143"
SET VVM_Mailstore_ImapPort_1="143"
SET VVM_Mailstore_InboxFolderName="INBOX"
SET VVM_Mailstore_TrashFolderName="Deleted Items"
SET VVM_Mailstore_EncryptedConnection="false"
SET VVM_Mailstore_PollingInterval="60"
SET VVM_Mailstore_DualFolder="true"
SET VVM_Mailstore_IdleEnabled="true"
SET VVM_Mailstore_IdleExpireTimeInMin="29"
REM *** Service Credentials Sources : Valid source are "", "PHONE",  "CONTACT", "VOICEMAIL", "WEBCONF"
SET VoiceMailService_UseCredentialsFrom=""
SET PhoneService_UseCredentialsFrom=""
SET ContactService_UseCredentialsFrom=""
set WebConfService_UseCredentialsFrom=""
REM *** CCMCIP Servers
SET CCMCIP1="x.x.x.x"
SET CCMCIP2="x.x.x.x"
SET CCMCIP_Server_Validation="0"
SET WebConfPort="80"
SET WebConfProtocol="HTTP"
SET WebConfServer=""
SET WebConfServerValidation="1"
REM *** Video Options Visibility Setting
SET SetVideoEnablePref="true"
SET SetVideoStaticThrottlingPref="false"
htluo Thu, 06/24/2010 - 07:30
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If the same BAT file works fine on WinXP and other 32-bit OS, I guess you'll need to open a TAC case.

Once they got the problem report, they should be able to identify the problem pretty quick.



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